Actions and inactions

“Man has every reason for doing something or acting in a certain manner”. It is known so .

But here’s the case everyone is so quick to criticize someone’s actions and deem it as being appropriate or inappropriate whereas the same people themselves would be quick to use the above concept as a defense mechanism.

But funny enough humanity is so blessed with natural factors like our emotions and feelings, which influence our conscience to chide us ,and our consciousness to make us aware of the fact that our behavior at that time was an action or an inaction.

Why do we try to forget the truth out of pretense of our actions? Why do we forge the truth based on our already abused use of our natural courses (like feelings towards others based on some bitter and sweet experiences) in order to justify people’s actions and inactions? Why do we try to use the above concept as a defense mechanism whiles failing to consider the fact that people sometimes take actions before reasoning because there were the same natural courses being disturbed as at that time ?

Even though the last statement in the last question is also another reason , we must note that to every situation, philosophy, issue and however you call it , there’s always an exception.

Please think about it. Our lives God innit. Telltheworld. Arkhad.

Humanity as I see it

Individual differences, environmental factors like the socio economic status have exposed humanity to a whole lot of experiences both good and bad .

But the most important thing is our perspectives of ourselves as in being all judgmental about each other regardless of the fact that we are either wrong or right .

So what if there was nothing like having a perspective of everyone’s action and disposition??what if there was nothing like conflict of interest or conflicting thoughts about people most especially the ones we loved ?

Just think about it please.

Our lives God innit Telltheworld. Arkhad

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